What Every Woman Should Know About Vulva Cleansing

Learning about how to take care of your vulva is crucial for your well-being. The ignorance of vulva care is the cause of the majority of vulva disorders according to doctors. So, let's dig in and figure out how to give your lady parts the loving care they deserve for a happier, healthier you.

The role of sebum in skin protection:

Our skin produces sebum, a natural substance that acts as a protective barrier. Sebum not only waterproofs the skin but also guards against harmful microorganisms that can lead to infections. While sebum is essential, it's important to use soap sparingly, as excessive use can disrupt this natural balance.

The unique needs of your intimate areas:

Unlike the skin, the vagina opening does not produce sebum. While the labia do contain sebaceous glands, they may not generate enough sebum to maintain vulva health when regularly washed with soap. Similarly, the top of the penis does not produce sebum and should be treated with care, avoiding regular soap usage.

Moisture is the key to a healthy vulva:

Keeping things nice and moist down there is super important for preventing infections and inflammation in your vulva and vagina. Dryness can lead to all sorts of health problems. Only use vegetable oils for cleansing. Plant-based oils have the ability to attract and remove dirt and oil from your skin without stripping away its natural moisture.


Prioritizing proper vulva care is a fundamental step towards maintaining your health and wellbeing. By understanding the unique needs of this area and adopting gentle cleansing practices with vegetable oils, you can promote a healthy vulva and prevent potential health issues. Let's take charge of our health and empower ourselves with knowledge about vulva care.

Remember, your health is your greatest wealth. If you have any further questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out.

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