5 Simple Steps for a Happy, Healthy Vagina

Caring for your intimate health is essential for overall well-being. We have shared five natural ways to support a healthy and happy vulva and vagina. 

  1. Say No to Soap

Soap-based products can strip the vulvar skin of its natural moisture, making it more susceptible to discomfort and infections. Dryness can lead to various intimate issues like anal fissures, lichen sclerosis, chronic inflammation, yeast infections, and UTIs.

  1. Embrace Going Commando

Allowing your intimate area to breathe is crucial. Whenever possible, go commando to promote air circulation. Just remember to opt for underwear, especially when heading to the gym, as an extra layer of protection between you and potentially germ-ridden equipment.

  1. Choose Cotton:

Opt for underwear made from breathable cotton fabric. This material helps absorb moisture, providing a comfortable environment for your lady parts. To maintain optimal hygiene, be sure to wash them at a temperature of 60° Celsius.

  1. Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor:

A robust pelvic floor is essential for experiencing satisfying intimate moments. It also grants you control over your bladder and helps prevent potential issues that may arise later in life. Incorporate pelvic floor exercises into your routine for lasting benefits.

  1. Embrace Your Natural Biome:

The idea of a diverse community of bacteria residing in your vagina may sound surprising, but it's perfectly normal. Over 50 unique species of bacteria call the vagina and vulva home, many of which are beneficial probiotics. These good bacteria play a crucial role in maintaining a balanced and healthy vaginal microflora, guarding against a range of potential diseases and infections.

Daily probiotic supplements can help restore and maintain this delicate balance, offering relief for certain vaginal disorders.

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