Fragonia: Nature's Superhero for Holistic Wellness

Fragonia, a native essential oil from Western Australia, holds a special place in our cleanser due to its refreshing and harmonizing scent. Many of our customers swear by its natural antifungal properties, dubbing it a "life-saver". The majority of women find its invigorating aroma particularly appealing, likely because of its emotionally balancing and healing qualities. Here, we've compiled some valuable insights about Fragonia from research conducted by Dr. Daniel Penoel and Karen Wallwork.

  1. Antimicrobial and Antifungal Properties

Initial assessments for antimicrobial activity were carried out by researchers at the University of Western Australia. Their findings suggested that Fragonia shares similar antimicrobial traits with Tea Tree oil, but with the added bonus of a more pleasing fragrance.


  1. Anti-inflammatory Benefits

Studies conducted by the University of Western Australia's School of Paediatrics and Child Health revealed that Fragonia oil has the potential to inhibit the secretion of IFNY, a key player in the body's inflammatory response to injury or infection. This supports the notion that Fragonia may possess powerful anti-inflammatory properties.


  1. Menstrual Health

Early research by Karen Wallwork shows promising signs of Fragonia's positive impact on menstrual-related issues. Applying a Fragonia cream to the abdomen demonstrated improvements in menstrual pain, depression, fatigue, insomnia, and breast tenderness.


  1. Pain Relief

Fragonia proves effective in alleviating joint and muscle discomfort when applied topically. Blended with a carrier oil, it aids in dispersing lactic acid from sore muscles and softening fascia and ligaments.


  1. Immune System Support

Dr. Penoel's interest lies in Fragonia's potential for immune enhancement through skin application. He emphasizes its gentle nature and recommends a few drops applied daily to areas with lymph nodes like the groin, under the armpits, and along the side of the neck.


  1. Jet Lag and Circadian Rhythm Regulation

Feedback from travelers and shift workers attests to Fragonia's positive influence in reducing the effects of jet lag and regulating internal body clocks.


  1. Emotional Well-being

Fragonia plays a vital role in relieving feelings of grief and sadness. It exudes a calming and balancing effect, fostering a sense of harmony. This oil aids in releasing buried emotional traumas and navigating inner turmoil.

Dr. Penoel, quoting a patient, affirms that "thanks to the use of Fragonia, I was able to create the conditions of peace and harmony within myself..." Fragonia, while not a replacement for psychotherapy, has been instrumental in removing internal barriers to change and progress in this patient's healing journey.

Fragonia's unique and harmonious composition is what grants it the remarkable ability to bring balance and restoration, making it an invaluable addition to our best-selling product.

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