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clients and customers say about us

Karin Ehn, doctor

"Regular use of foaming cleansers will disturb the balance of a healthy vulva. As a doctor, I strongly recommend Lip Intimate Care's oil-based products. Excellent for daily use but also during periods in life when mucous membranes are particularly fragile."

Carina Rylander, midwife

"Finally, an organic cleansing oil for intimate care with a beautiful and natural scent. As a midwife, it is important to recommend products that protect against dry and fragile mucous membranes and also cares about the environment. That's why I strongly recommend Lip Intimate Care!"

Aime Kellerman, skin therapist and owner at SugarMe

"I have been using Lip Intimate Care for a while now and will never go back to my old intimate cleansing ways.

Very satisfied with the results and will recommend it to all my loyal clients and closest friends!"


"The oil so gentle and soft. I really felt like I was pampering my private parts - like a facial for your vay-jay-jay. The oil sinks in to leave a lovely dewy effect down below and is ideal to apply after shaving."


"I just want to say a big THANK YOU for your cleansing oil with Sea Buckthorn + Fragonia. It has changed my life for the positive and I am a loyal customer, it's such a fantastic product in every way. Thank you, thank you thank you!"


"One of the best products I have ever used. Cleanses and nourishes the most delicate skin. Love it to pieces!"


"Lip Intimate Care's products have really made a difference. I have experienced periods of vaginal imbalances. UTI, thrush and dry/fragile mucous membranes have been a recurring problem. After diet changes and only natural skincare products, everything changed."


"My intimate area feels smooth, moisturized, comfortable, and nurturingly clean. The vanilla scent of the oil is incredibly mild and nice with natural ingredients. I will always have it at home, and it's the perfect size to take with you!"


"How many of you can admit that you use your regular shower gel for intimate cleansing? I was one of them.. As you know I have used Lip Intimate Care for a while now and my mucous membranes are as happy as I am.

Same with the shaving, so soft and gentle to skin"


"I was recommended by my specialist in gynecology your cleansing oil: Cleansing + Moisturising Oil, Sea Buckthorn + Fragonia, instead of eating strong medicine, I had frequent yeast infections. I followed my doctor's advice and bought your AMAZING product! Completely natural, absolutely fantastic and I am free from infections!!! Never thought it would disappear! I'm so happy, now I use it to care for and clean my vulva. I can not describe how happy I am with your product! I have recommended this to my friends, mom, sister, yes simply to everyone. Just want to say that this product saved me and I will continue to use it forever!

Thank you for your amazing product!"


"I thought I'd give you a review from someone who used to hate oils... You've actually converted me, I have to admit it!

After using the intimate oil for about 2 weeks now, my intimate area feels so much better. I could never have guessed that my "issues" were caused by using intimate soapbased products and that I was probably dry, actually. Now my intimate area is feeling great, and the oil is so nice and nourishing even during the day. It's noticeable that there are no chemicals disturbing the natural processes; instead, this oil is REALLY beneficial and helps in a natural way! Full points from me! You've done REALLY well with this one!"


"For many years, I've suffered from recurring yeast infections, and I dare say I've tried almost everything to get rid of it. Now, I've been using Sea Buckthorn + Fragonia oil for 5 months and haven't had a single yeast infection! I can't remember the last time I went so long without one! THANK YOU, Lip Intimate Care! My intimate area has never felt better!"


"I just say: wow! I love this Coconut and Vanilla oil! So lovely to wash your intimate parts with. It can even be a bit arousing - it's so nice that it's hard to stop touching..."