How to Keep a Healthy Vulva During the Hot Summer Months

Summer is a tricky season for maintaining vulva health. The last thing any of us want to think about while chilling out poolside is an irritating itch down under.

Warm and humid weather can increase the normal amount of yeast in the vagina, resulting in yeast infection. Bacterial infections like UTIs also increase during the summertime.

Here are a few tips that can help you avoid annoying infections:


Change out of sweaty clothes and swimsuits ASAP

The bottom half of your bathing suit is the perfect place for bacteria to grow. If you sit around in your wet bottoms, bacteria and yeast can build up since they grow and thrive in warm, moist conditions. The same thing applies to warm and sweaty panties.


Avoid tight clothing

Your vulva is going to sweat. That happens to all of us. Wearing tight clothes can retain moisture in your genital area and makes it easier for yeast and bacteria to grow.


Go commando

Sleep naked and ditch your panties as often as you can to help alleviate excessive sweating.

When moisture from sweat and heat is trapped in the genital area by underwear, it can start smelling more strongly down there.

Skipping underwear can:

· allow your sweat to evaporate

· keep the odors to a minimum

· reduce chafing made worse by moisture

· reduce the risk of getting a yeast infection


Take probiotics

The body is all interconnected. Taking oral probiotics can help to support the healthy bacteria and prevents the bad ones from thriving and causing infections.


Stay away from soap, detergents and douching

Harsh chemicals can disrupt the vulva’s natural microbiome. Douching can flush all of the good bacteria out.


Protect your vulva with Lip Balm

Water, and especially pool water treated with chlorine or other chemicals, can affect vulva health. Apply Lip Balm before getting into the pool, as it forms a protective layer against the water. After swimming, rinse thoroughly and apply Lip Balm again to keep the vulva moist.

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