Making Time for More Pleasure is a Power Move

By Sia Cabanel

My name is Sia Cabanel, I am a woman of +50 and I am living in Belgium.

After 2 marriages (and 2 divorces ouch!) where sex felt more kind of obligation, I came in contact with my sexual exploration and my sexual energy, yes really at the age of a woman in pre-menopause.

I started following different masterclasses and workshops on bodywork, tantra, tao, alchemy and shamanism and I learned how important it was as a woman of my age to be able to connect to my sexual life energy and to let it flow.

All of this wisdom brought me so much aliveness and juiciness in my body that I decided I wanted to pass down this wisdom to other women of my age who are in the so-called pre-menopause or menopause.

I am convinced it was a man who invented that word because this is not a pause at all: it is more a liberation, a complete feeling of freedom. Society wants to sell it to you as a period of sadness where you realize as a woman your time is over and where "body difficulties" are considered normal. Let me tell you, these "body difficulties" are not normal. Everything you give attention to will grow, by focusing on the negative aspects of pre-menopause or menopause that is exactly what we are doing. In old Egypt, girls were initiated into rituals where they learned how to bring their own bodies to a point of ecstasy and how could learn how to let their sexual energy flow freely. The women reaching the age of not bleeding anymore were considered powerful women carrying loads of wisdom. They also understood that there is a twin relationship between the lips of the mouth and the yoni, which represents the sacred twins of the upper world and lower world birthing passageways. I am always amazed by how little women in the age range between 40y and 60y know about their own bodies. They often don't know how to build a moment of bliss within their own body and melt into it. They were taught how to serve men, not themselves. My workshops and individual VIP coachings are centered around the topic of letting the sexual energy flow freely again, reinstalling the connection with the body and making the body juicy again. The topic of masturbation is also tackled during my workshops and individual coaching. It is still a taboo subject. Boys grow up with the image that masturbation is normal, whereas girls are taught it is not done and it's dirty. This is where guilt is created... The power of being a woman lies in accepting all aspects of womanhood and the generation of sexual energy from one's own body is therefore essential. How many of you women have a partner who knows exactly what turns you on and dares to give clear instructions about it? Yeah...right. Let's not give that responsibility out of hands: look for what turns you on and dare to experiment, no matter what age you have, whether you are in pre-menopause or menopause, but most of all, especially during that period, learn to enjoy again, or for the first time. This is the ultimate form of self-love! Don't be afraid to spoil yourself with pure, organic skincare products that support your yoni, it will help you get in touch with yourself. A woman who feels good about herself and learned who let her sexual energy flow in her body is sexy and radiates power, no matter what age she has. And as a bonus, it also boosts your immune system! Are you intrigued by the subject of sexual energy and what it can bring you or do you want to learn more about my workshops or individual coaching, don't hesitate to contact me. @cabanelle

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