Intimate Health: Proper Hygiene Tips

Discussing intimate health concerns can be a sensitive topic for many women. Our market research indicates that 91% of surveyed women have dealt with discomfort related to their vaginal or vulva area at some point in their lives. Despite that it’s super common, it remains a topic that many find difficult to broach.

Many problems can be avoided if we learn how to take proper care of our vulva. One essential step is to ditch all foaming cleansers. The labia lacks a sufficient number of sebaceous glands to maintain its health when regularly washed with surfactant-based products. When the vulva gets dry you are more prone to infections. Additionally, foaming cleansers can disrupt the natural pH and microbiome balance, further contributing to intimate health concerns such as bacterial vaginosis (BV) and yeast infections. Healthcare professionals in Sweden consistently recommend cleansing the vulva with oil-based products. Natural plant oils have the unique ability to attract, bond with, and remove dirt and excess oil from the skin without stripping away its essential moisture. It's crucial to opt for natural and organic oils only.

"Dry, itchy, and irritated mucous membranes are common issues faced by many women, often stemming from over-washing and the use of unsuitable cleansers for the intimate area. The cleansing oils from Lip Intimate Care are remarkable products designed to delicately cleanse and rejuvenate dry, irritated, and itchy mucous membranes."

Sara Törnqvist, Midwife



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