Breaking the Stigma Around Intimate Dryness

Vaginal dryness is one of the most common intimate issues women experience at some point in their lives. Studies show that over 50% of menopausal women experience vaginal dryness, as well as at least 17% of premenopausal women aged 18 to 50. However, given how few women report their symptoms, it's safe to assume the actual statistics may be even higher.

The stigma surrounding the topic results in less than 4% seeking treatment. The lack of visibility of how common the issue is only further entrenching the silence and stigma.

We are on a mission to raise awareness about vaginal dryness and educate women on how to care for their intimate area.

How can Lip Intimate Care help to relieve vaginal dryness?

One of the first steps in combatting, or better yet, preventing, vaginal dryness is to take a closer look at the intimate care products you currently use.

Dr. Rebecka Kaplan, a certified gynecologist, advises that using any kind of soap or other lathering products is an immediate no-go for vulva cleansing:

“Chemicals in intimate care products are a huge problem. Many strips away the natural lipids and moisture in the skin and mucosa, making the vulva dry. Chemicals can also cause allergic reactions. Foaming agents are particularly irritating for the mucosa, so if it lathers, keep it away from your vulva! Using soap leads to a loss of the natural lipids in the skin, which causes dryness and disturbs the sensitive balance between lactobacilli and other bacteria in the vulva that strips away the skin’s natural defense.”

Unlike most intimate washes on the market, we don’t use any foaming agents or aggressive chemicals. Our products are formulated with a base of natural and organic oils that gently cleanse and nourish the vulva without drying out the skin or disturbing its pH balance.

“Cleansing your vulva with vegetable oil helps the skin and mucosa keep their natural moisture and supports its barrier function, preventing dryness, fissures and infections. Use it in the shower as a cleansing product or apply it after contact with water to help restore the barrier function. If you have very dry and damaged skin or mucosa, apply the oil before stepping into the shower, as the oil will protect the mucosa from coming into contact with water,” adds Dr. Kaplan.

Although harsh feminine hygiene products are not the only cause of vaginal dryness, switching to gentler natural product formulations can be the first step in preventing the condition from worsening or developing at all.

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